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"Shulamis has been very helpful. I have depression and anxiety and have been in and out of therapy for years. I've never met a therapist who is so professional and warm. She has helped me figure out how to cope with everyday struggles with practical tips as well as helping me understand why I feel the way I do."

- E.K.  

"We brought our 8 year old son to see Shulamis because he was having behavioral issues at school and fighting a lot with his siblings. Within several sessions we began to see him flourish. We feel like the boy we know and love is finally able to express himself and have a positive self image because of his sessions."

- R.S.

"Incredible!! Shulamis is the real deal! Knowledgeable, kind, and truly sincere. Highly recommended!!"


"Warm, understanding, with great expertise. She really aided me in tackling relationship issues and parenting. I'm really grateful for her services."

- C.V. 

"Shulamis has immensely changed my 7 year old daughter's life! Her anxiety doesn't impact her in the same way since she has been working with her. My daughter loves Shulamis and loves going to therapy!"


"Right from our initial phone call, the professionalism and warmth of Ms. Mayerfeld were so evident. My child feels so comfortable in this therapy setting and has made incredible strides in coping with his anxiety. Ms. Mayerfeld also gives me guidance on how to help my son on a day to day basis. I am truly grateful to be working with her."

- G.S.

"My wife and I have been going to therapy for the past two years with Shulamis. We have been to many other therapists before, but none were as insightful and practically productive for us as Shulamis is. We have been fighting less and are doing much better."

- D.D.

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