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Your Holiday Survival Guide From a Therapist

Whether or not you have fond memories surrounding holidays, there can still be things about certain times of the year that are challenging. Here are some tips to get through, with your mental health in mind.

1. Allow yourself to think about what YOU want to get out of this holiday. Instead of focusing on community pressure or expectations from others, pay attention to what you realistically can hope to get from this time.

2. If you are single or experiencing infertility troubles, this can be a hard time to see family and friends who are coupled or have children. Remind yourself that this type of intensity is for a time, and you will be able to go back to your regular routine and comforts.

3. Create your own customs or traditions around the holiday. If you choose not to partake in some or all of the community or public holiday experiences this year, whether due to emotional or physical reasons; remember that you can create your own traditions or rituals that are meaningful to you.

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