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When Therapy Comes to an End: A Bittersweet Graduation

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

It is always bittersweet when clients "graduate" from therapy. It is sweet beyond description to witness when my clients have worked hard to achieve their goals of insight and have implemented them in an impactful way. It is awesome to see their growth, joy and sense of clarity at the decision to terminate treatment. The bitter and uncomfortable part of course, is in saying goodbye.

Although there is a science to it, therapy is not JUST a science. My clients know that every word I say or don't say and how I guide our discussion, is intentional. My style of practice is created through a strong base of understanding psychological structures at play, handpicked theoretical methodologies, and specific cognitive and relational therapeutic techniques. Having said that, there is also undoubtedly an art to it as well. And that art rests in the unique and powerful relationship I build with every single one of my clients.

No client is like another. Therapy is a fascinating process where two people share intimate and bonding experiences. When that process comes to an end and resolution, there is a bittersweet sadness in its culmination.

Because of this, my clients and I frequently check in to see how the therapeutic relationship is impacting them, and where they are on their path of achieving their goals.

We process the common fear many people have before entering therapy that they will become too dependent on their therapist. That they will lose their own voice and stay in therapeutic treatment forever.

My clients know the freedom and safety in being able to discuss all of this openly with me and know the value of finding their own voice (that may be complemented by mine but NEVER engulfed by it).

So, when a client comes to the intentional decision of ending treatment due to goal acquisition and inner peace, there may be some sadness as this special dynamic now comes to an end. And although I will miss them greatly, I am also so full of pride and joy at witnessing them attain and heed their own inner truth and voice.

To explore if therapy with me is right for you, Reach out for a free 15 minute consultation! I am now offering remote sessions from the comfort of your own home.

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