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Goodbye to Quarantine: Adjusting to Another "New Normal"

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Many of us had a hard time going into quarantine and shelter-in place, and now many of us are struggling with the idea of reintegration into society. Our psyche is on overdrive from all these transitions, and we are mentally exhausted. We spent so much time adjusting to this new normal of quarantine and social distancing that it is natural for it to feel uncomfortable to reset yet again. There are many layers to this reintegration; let’s explore some of some of them together: There is natural anxiety. We have a lot of questions and there are still several unknowns. Is coronavirus as great of a threat as it was earlier? What kind of measures am I supposed to be taking? Do I wear a mask and still socially distance or do I resume life as usual? Then there is hesitation and nervousness. Another big theme I have noticed among my clients is the trepidation involved in reentering society, including fears of judgement and of criticisms. While in quarantine, many have been able to shelter themselves from the criticism (perceived or real) of peers, and from those prying gazes that make us second guess our choices and force us into the comparison prison. Many have been able to therefore feel a greater sense of freedom in just being our authentic selves! We had a sense of feeling a collective experience - fearful yet bonding while maintaining one's personal safety in their personal bubble that many of us are afraid to relinquish. I have clients that have reconnected with themselves and explored their more creative sides like writing, cooking, planting. Others have simply led their lives in a similar way as before, but with being more attuned to their own intuition since it felt easier to block out the outside "noise". As we readjust yet again to a new new-norm, maybe we can think about the elements we would like to take with us from this quarantine experience, like living more authentically and returning to the basics of what makes us happy. At the very least, say "goodbye" to quarantine in a way that encompasses the whole experience. Both the negative aspects, and any of the positive ones as well. Certainly, many are itching to rejoin society and have had quite a hard time during this period of isolation. However, at the same time, it's OK to acknowledge any of the gifts you may have received during this time.

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