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Got Those Post Passover Blues? You're Not Alone

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Raise your hand if you have been feeling particularly 'meh' this week. I know I have!

I have noticed countless people (particularly women) who have been struggling with motivation, irritability, lethargy, etc this week. Nearly everyone I speak to - in and out of psychotherapy sessions - observe that since the end of Pesach/Passover they seem to have lost their edge and mojo. During the upheaval between Purim and Pesach we were all quite stressed with managing a global crisis amidst caring for loved ones near and far, transitioning to work at home and quarantine, plus the stress of making Pesach at home, and for many alone. So, to many it has been surprising that only after the downtime of post-Peasch do we seem to be feeling the blues.

The answer is so simple. Pesach has provided us with a goal to work toward -albeit in a chaotic very stressed way - but a goal nonetheless. Now, we are stuck with the realization that quarantine will likely last a long time, and most of us are burnt out and having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, during this time of collective trauma and grief, we are now finally processing (both consciously and subconsciously) the emotions we have been going through for the last 6 weeks. Now more than ever our psyche is suffering, it is taking a toll on us and on our relationships, not to mention our functioning and lifestyle.

Here are a few simple tips I put together to help you get through this time:

1. Self compassion - as always, this is the first and most crucial step that y'all hear me talking about constantly! Remind yourself that it makes sense to experience this. It is quite understandable to feel more irritable, annoyed, less motivated, and more overall sadness. Give yourself a little break and be kind to yourself. And toss the pressure to achieve those quarantine goals!

2. Set small attainable benchmarks. For example, this week I will focus in talking kindly to myself. Next week I will set up a zoom date with a friend. When May comes, I will spend more time outside on my porch....

3. Remind yourself that this time will pass. Although it feels endless it is in fact temporary (even if we don't know how temporary etc). And, you can have moments of slowness and rest even as a strong together woman.

4. Repeat step 1😉

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