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5 Tips for Resilience in the Time of Corona

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

1. Cut yourself some slack- it is normal to be feel down, or not motivated during this time. In fact, we seem to be experiencing a collective grief as a whole right now, and it is important to allow yourself to experience these feelings without judgement. (HBR That Discomfort you are feeling is grief). It is absolutely OK if you use this time to catch up on your Netflix que!

2. Try to focus on what IS in your control instead of what is not. It is so natural to get caught up in the fears of the big picture and the distant future - and become worried about how this will impact you financially, fertility treatment wise, etc. If possible, aim to stay in the moment, in this week, this day, this hour. Ask yourself, right now, what can you do? And only do that!

3. I always talk about creating a community for yourself, these days are no exception! However, be discerning about who and what to include in this community. Try to limit social media and use with discretion - many people are finding social media particularly triggering during this time. You do not need the constant updates on coronavirus effects - this will increase your sense of anxiety and hyper-arousal. Certainly that doesn't mean you need to bury your head in the sand, but consider taking several social media breaks. Instead, use your down time to connect with others in a more meaningful way. We are all in the same boat right now and have a weird schedule and most of us are at home. Reach out via text, phone, or video call to those you feel a connection with and whom you typically do not have the time to speak to. Consider a zoom party!

4. Start a gratitude journal. This can be done on your own, or with family or friend groups. Add each day something that you are grateful for during this challenging time. It will help with a sense of peace and positivity.

5. During this eerie time, we are all in this together. Although it can feel terrifying to think about the fact that everyone you know is impacted by this, there is also something really beautiful and powerful in realizing that we are all united in our experience.

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