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COVID-19 Resources 

The past few months have been challenging for many of us. It is more important now than ever to reach out for support for yourself, and to support others. You take care of everyone else, make sure you take some time for yourself too! You can start here by checking out some of the blog posts I’ve shared in recent months. I cover issues like how to stay resilient in trying times, the power of our thoughts, and of to continue to adjust to varying degrees of the “new normal” that is ever-changing! 

And if you have children, you may find that you are navigating a whole slew of other changes. Take a look at my post about my newly coined term, “Lighthouse Parenting” and let me know your thoughts! I also tackle the task of helping your child roll with the punches and walk you step-by-step through my favorite back to school game


But most importantly, I want you to cut yourself some slack right now. It is normal to be feel down, or not motivated during this time. In fact, we seem to currently be experiencing collective grief as a whole, and it is important to allow yourself to experience these feelings without judgement. It is absolutely OK if you use this time to catch up on your Netflix que! YES, I did just give you permission to watch Television!! There is NO protocol on how to handle a global pandemic. It's a rough time; practice being kind and cutting yourself some slack.


I am currently offering teletherapy if you need some extra help during these hard times. Feel free to message me, email or call for a free consultation to see if this could be a good fit. And always feel free to email me with any thoughts or questions! 

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