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Scared & Anxious Children 

I specialize in helping children who have been weighed down by fear and angst.  They suffer from nightmares, difficulty falling and/or staying asleep, bedwetting, are afraid to be alone and won’t go to sleepovers. Sometimes they refuse to go to school, complain of stomach aches, can appear painfully shy, and on occasion are even selectively mute. They may be going through major life transitions (such as a death, parental divorce, moving to a new city) and it’s overwhelming. 

As a parent, you are wondering how to help your child get through this time. How to help him/her sleep through the night, develop more secure relationships, and feel ok leaving your side. You want to feel confident that he/she can cope when you are not near. 

I  want you to know that you’ve come to the right place. I have years of experience and have developed several techniques to help children dealing with all kinds of childhood angst and fears. In fact, I even train others including parents and professionals.

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