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I specialize in helping women achieve greater satisfaction in their relationships with themselves and others without anxiety, self doubt, or angst. 


You might be single, in a committed relationship, or married for decades. Maybe you’ve noticed struggles in relating to your children and parenting them. Your friendships are not as fulfilling, satisfying, or enjoyable as you’d like them to be. You may want help getting over past relationships, improving current relationships or establishing new relationships. You want to achieve greater peace and comfort in your family. Most importantly, you want to experience inner peace and contentment and quiet those anxious thoughts that block you from experiencing greater joy in yourself and your life. 


My clients are smart, self-aware, hard workers and they value relationships above all else. If you can relate to this, you are likely a deep thinker, insightful, and enjoy connecting with others. Perhaps lately, you have been feeling kind of ‘meh’ about your most important relationships. For someone like you who places relationships and connections as a prime currency, this is very frustrating and painful. 


Before my clients came to see me, they were worried about how helpful therapy can really be for someone as smart and self-aware as them. Many of my clients had been through therapy before and felt like their therapist either didn't get it, would suggest impractical and idealistic tips, or didn’t have the right tools to make real impactful and lasting changes. Like my clients, you deserve to feel more contentment, more peace, and like your life is more in tune with your ideal. 

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