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  "Old Ways

 Won't Open

 New Doors" 

You are smart, insightful, and strong. At times, you feel stuck when it comes to the most important areas in your life or your child’s life. You want change and are determined and motivated to make it happen. You just need the right person to get you there. 


Are you ready to explore what it would be like to feel relief, peace, and greater satisfaction for you and your child? To feel armed with the right instruments to overcome relationship struggles, anxiety, fear and angst? Then step right in and open that door!

You’ve always been capable and had the strength within you, now get the help to start accessing the right tools.

"Shulamis is amazing! We have been working on managing my anxiety and exploring different dynamics within my family. I've been seeing 

tremendous improvements in my personal life since day one!"

- S.F. 

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